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Twisted Multifilament Nomex Thread

Twisted Multifilament Nomex® Thread A-A-50195

While both Kevlar® & Nomex® fibers are chemically similar, they are different in some ways. Nomex® is extremely heat resistant. It will not char at temperatures higher than 675 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it extremely desirable in safety garments used in potentially high heat applications.

Fiber Type Nomex®
Thread Construction Multifilament
Sizes Available Medium: T-40, T-60
  Heavy: T-90, T-135
  Extra Heavy: T-210
  • Excellent prolonged heat resistance.
  • Does not readily ignite.
  • Does not melt.
  • Not affected by age.
  • Excellent mildew resistance.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance.
  • Superior long-term resistance to heat compared to Kevlar.
Comments Natural color is off-white.
Decomposes at 700oF
Very expensive when compared to other types of threads.
Mil-Spec Approved by the Federal Government to supply Nomex under Federal Specifications A-A-50195
Technical Information Min. Yards/Pound Min. Breaking Strength
  40 3 lbs.
  60 5
  80 6
  120 10
  180 15
  240 20
  300 25
  350 30
  450 35
Nomex® is a trademark of E.I. DuPont DeNemours, Inc.